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About Me

& why I grew this blog

My name is Neta, I am a commercial lawyer specializing in the laws of outer space, I even have a PhD in space law! I live in Leiden, The Netherlands, but I'm not Dutch. When I came here about a decade ago I started growing vegetables for taste. I didn't  have a garden so I grew them on my balcony, adding another pot, and another one...

Today I am happy to grow even more vegetables and fruits in my tiny back yard and balcony. The garden is small and paved but that doesn't stop me. 

On the contrary, I get more motivation to grow and inspire others to grow their own food, in whatever little urban space they got, and in the most natural way. 

I garden according to Permaculture and "no dig" principles, mixing my plants to create as much bio diversity as I can. I absolutely don't use any chemicals. 

I created this blog to share my ideas and experience in growing food at an urban setting since I believe the basic knowledge of growing food  should be accessible to everyone. I also love good food and happy to share my recipes. 

Thanks for visiting me here, and I hope this site will motivate and inspire you to grow your own!

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